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4th grade literacy night

4th Grade Literacy Night at E. B. Reyna Elementary

To improve student achievement and provide parents the tools to help and be involved in their children’s education, 4th grade teachers hosted their annual Literacy Night and Make & Take.  Parents of 4th grade students were invited to school to learn about the academic expectations for the current year and how to help their children reach them.  Parents were provided with materials to create an activity to help their children monitor their reading comprehension at home when they read either literary or informational texts. Because students also struggle with knowing their multiplication tables with automaticity, parents were also able to take flashcards home to further help their children.  At the end, parents were surprised with a performance from the 4th grade choir students to thank them for being involved and attending the annual Literacy Night.  

prekjade and parents


E. B. Reyna Hosts Reading Event

E. B. Reyna Elementary hosted a “Fall into Reading” event on October 20, 2017 for PreK and Kindergarten students in the library.  Parents were invited to come and read with their children and then partake in a fall craft activity.  Ms. Idalia Perez, principal at E. B. Reyna Elementary, stressed the importance of reading aloud to children and how it helps them develop the necessary skills for lifelong learning.  She also stated that when children see their parents read to them, it shows them that reading is important and valued.   Students were excited to have their parents read to them and help them create a jack-o-lantern out of construction paper.  At the end of the event, students were able to select a book of their choice to take home. 


1st reading event

Promoting the Love of Reading at E. B. Reyna Elementary

In an effort to promote the love of reading, E. B. Reyna Elementary invited parents of students in 1st and 2nd grade to come and read with their children.  The event was held on November 17, 2017 in the library.  Ms. Idalia Perez, principal at E. B. Reyna Elementary, thanked every parent for attending the event and helping promote the love of reading with their children.  “It was wonderful to see the interaction amongst the parents and children reading in the library,” stated Mrs. Cynthia Pequeño, librarian at E. B. Reyna.  “Students were very enthusiastic to read and share books with their parents.   It was special time for them to connect and make a beautiful memory with parents.”  At the end of the event, students were able to color and create a bookmark with their parents as a memento of the event and select a book of their choice to take home.  


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at E. B. Reyna Elementary

                In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, E.B. Reyna 4th grade students explored and learned about the contributions, heritage, and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans.  Among the Hispanics learned about were rights activist Cesar Chavez, painter Frida Kahlo, reporter Jorge Ramos, artists Selena Quintanilla, Selena Gomez, and Shakira, actresses Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek,  astronaut Ellen Ochoa, Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez, comedians/actors Eugenio Derbez and George Lopez, and others.  Students completed their own research using various resources, such as internet, books, and recorded interviews of their chosen Hispanic person.  Students also researched Hispanic holidays, such as “El Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead.  Utilizing their research, they completed a written assignment and created a poster with the Hispanic person’s country information, biography, picture, quote, things that made them famous, and contributions. Students then wore a costume that reflected their Hispanic person’s profession and presented what they learned to the class.  

reading 1reading 2

Students in 1st – 5th grade that met the 9 week goal were treated to a reading celebration in the library.  The theme of the reading event was “Reading Campout”.  Students were allowed to bring a blanket and pillow to lay or sit around the library and read thier books.  Ther were also treated to S’mores and a juice.  Congratulations to our TOP READERS for the 1st 9 weeks! smiley

                                                                     romina and Ashley

Technology Integration at E. B. Reyna Elementary

E.B. Reyna’s 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Huerta, is amazed on the positive effect and increased motivation she sees in her students by integrating technology throughout her lessons.  Students are utilizing the Chromebooks Mrs. Huerta won during the district’s Google Academy to video record themselves with fluency, during their research centers, and much more! They utilize the “Seesaw” website to record all their learning throughout the week and Mrs. Huerta now has the opportunity to observe how all her students are performing!  Students are being exposed to other technology websites like Plickers and Kahoot, as well! With Plickers, sudents are playing a game utilizing their personalized QR Code and Mrs. Huerta obtains a formative assessment of her students in just a few seconds! With the use of technology, Mrs. Huerta states “Students are showing a greater willingness to write and work”.  Mrs. Huerta’s students are getting immediate results and feedback because of the quick checks she is able to do utilizing technology in her classroom. Mrs. Huerta elaborated, “Technology is the ultimate thing for students!  They want to master it.  Plus, it improves their self-esteem and makes them excited to come every day to class and learn something new”.  








raul cantumrs hernandez














E. B. Reyna Elementary Visits Fire Station #4 and UTRGV

E.B. Reyna Elementary 1st Graders had an exciting fieldtrip to UTRGV and McAllen Fire station #4. At the fire station, students learned about fire safety and fire prevention.  The firefighters taught the kids the importance of calling 911 and having a plan of action in case of a fire.  A fire fighter also showed the students the protective gear they wear when responding to a fire and the equipment they use.  At the end of the presentation, students were given a tour of a fire truck.  The students were very excited throughout the trip and had plenty of questions for the fire fighters. After the fire station, students paid a visit to University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg.  They were given a tour of the campus and many demonstrated enthusiasm in attending the university in the future.

16 de septiembre

L-R: Mayrin Villanueva, Alondra Vargas, Ximena Gutierrez, Minerva Mendez

16 de septiembre Celebrated at E. B. Reyna Elementary

E. B. Reyna Elementary staff and students celebrated 16 de septiembre, Mexico’s Independence Day.  Students dressed in beautiful, flowery dresses and traditional red, white, and green attire to celebrate their Hispanic heritage.  Little girls wore their hair in braids with ribbons intertwined.  It was a beautiful sight to see how proud they were to dress in traditional Mexican attire. Teachers also planned activities that explained the importance of this day and why we as Mexican Americans celebrate it.   Students at E. B. Reyna are proud to recognize their heritage and culture.

Mrs. Hernandez's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Hernandez’s 4th Grade Class. They donated the most items during the drive.

E. B. Reyna Helps Harvey Victims

 E. B. Reyna staff, students and community, along with La Joya ISD came together to hold a supply drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  “Watching the news and seeing the devastation was heartbreaking.  I can’t imagine going thru something like that.” stated Laura Hernandez, 4th grade teacher. “But seeing the school, the district, and surrounding communities come together and help out is amazing.  Empowering our students to take action and help others in need is an excellent way to connect the district’s motto “It Starts with Me” and how they can make a difference in others’ lives and their own lives as well.”  Donations consisted of water, food, clothing and items for personal care.


Peter Piper Pizza Dictionaries  

Front Row L-R: Aylene Garcia, Diana Anguiano, Ernesto Munoz, Ramon Flores, Josie Sanchez, and Karla Mar

Back Row L-R: Alberto D’Gyves, Daniela Cayentano, Lino Martinez, Juan De Dios Ayala, Emiliano Delgado, Fabian Montalvo and Vanessa Garza


Peter Pipe Pizza Donates Dictionaries


Peter Piper Pizza of Palmview, Texas partnered with La Joya ISD and graciously donated dictionaries to all third grade students.  Students lined up by class in the library to receive their personal dictionary.  Teachers were pleased with the donation that will have a big impact on their student’s learning.  “Dictionaries are essential to widen and improve students’ vocabulary.  They help them define and learn new words.  “I couldn’t have asked for a better donation.” stated Ms. Nancy Lozano, 3rd grade teacher.  Third grade teachers and students at E. B. Reyna Elementary were excited and thankful for the generous donation.


                                               Solar eclipse

                                                           Mrs. Janie De Hoyos and 3rd grade class


Students at E. B. Reyna Elementary View Solar Eclipse


On the first day of school, teachers and students at E. B. Reyna Elementary had the opportunity to witness the solar eclipse.  Although our school was not in the path of the full solar eclipse, they were still excited to experience this celestial event.  Teachers and students were provided with approved eyewear to safely view the eclipse.  “It’s so cool! I’ve never seen anything like this,” is what most students exclaimed as they looked up at the crescent shaped sun.  Janie De Hoyos, 3rd grade teacher at E. B. Reyna stated, “Students were in awe as they saw the progression of the solar eclipse. This was a wonderful opportunity to take learning outside the classroom.  It is an experience that students will never forget and hopefully inspire them to continue learning about science and our world.”  For those students that were not able to make it outside, they were able to view the full solar eclipse online thru the NASA website.  After viewing the eclipse, there were many discussions and activities that occurred throughout the day about this phenomenal event.  




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